Jellyfin on proxmox

Trying jellyfin on proxmox with media on the NAS.

Jellyfin on proxmox

Currently I'm using Plex running directly on my NAS for my media lib. But I heard good things about jellyfin and wanted to evaluate it.

I found a lot of YouTube videos using plex and jellyfin simultaneous.

Installation Guide


The quickest way to install jellyfin is using the proxmox scripts from "tteck" -> Proxmox Helper-Scripts.

Adding IP to Ngnix proxy manager (optional)

Within my home network I usually access every service with a domain name. Therefore, I use the nginx proxy manager.

The settings for jellyfin can be found in the jellyfin documentation unter: Nginx | Jellyfin

Mounting NAS as samba share

For this configuration I found a useful guide from "Jims Garage" -> Nas config. Additionally, we also have to add the "jellyfin" user to the lxc_share group.

usermod -a -G lxc_shares jellyfin


After the nas was mounted to proxmox and shared with the LXC, we can config our media library. Just add the videos/music paths of your nas. If you have done everything correctly then the folders will be shown correctly in the lib settings.